Mission Statement

The Financial Management Association will help students learn and challenge each other about various aspects of finance such as investment banking, investment trading, investment management, and business finance. This club gives you the freedom to choose the right career path from those interested in investing to portfolio management to the smallest task of just balancing a budget while reaching your goal. The Financial Management Association offers students an opportunity to learn the financial markets through the fundamental, technical, economic, political, and environmental factors that drive the world and how to manage them through turbulent times. Also acting as an aid to choosing which career path is right for you, we aim to educate our members on the important, and at times rigorous, task that comes through academic research. With that said, our club should better prepare students in a professional manner toward careers in the business world through investment and financial analysis workshops.


  • Learn how to build and manage a portfolio. First for yourself, then a potential client.
  • Become familiar with the different types of investments available in today’s financial market place.
  • Know where to look and how best to prepare and present yourself for internships or co-op programs.
  • Promote a business like atmosphere within the school of management through professional leadership.



Name            Position Email
John Stephens Faculty Advisor johstep@umflint.edu
Jimi Afolabi President fafolabi@umflint.edu
Darshan Patel Vice President darshanp@umflint.edu
Jennifer Kline Secretary jennifkl@umflint.edu
Sailab Ajmeri Treasurer sajmeri@umflint.edu

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